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Grand Junction Newborn Photography | In Home Session |

Your little one is finally here and it’s time to capture that sweet new face.

Your in-home newborn photoshoot is designed to be as convenient as possible for you as a new parent. I bring a small studio into your home and create magic. The precess is so easy and relaxing for you as a mom.

The best time to photograph your new main squeeze is between 7 and 21 days old. But never fear, if you have already delivered your baby, I have successfully photographed newborns up to 6 weeks old. However the process is always easier when your baby is still fairly new. They are more sleepy and easier to pose.

On the day of your shoot, it’s best to wait to feed your little guy until I get to your home. It takes me about twenty minutes to set up, and that is a perfect opportunity for a feeding and diaper change. When baby is ready so am I.

I bring all props and outfits, so no need to prepare anything before hand unless you have something specific that you would like your baby photographed in. And we will discuss all the details, like color, and props when we have our booking consultation over the phone.

Your newborn’s shoot lasts about two hours and I take at least 25 unique portraits to add to your gallery. My goal is to make sure that this sweet moment in life is captured beautifully and uniquely.

Three weeks after your shoot is your ordering appointment. I love watching all the happy tears, it’s truly a blessing to me to be able to provide this service to my sweet clients. All people who are interested in ordering products and digitals to be present during your appointment.

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