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About Me…


Hey there, I am Andi, a super blessed mom of five. Two boys and three girls. My husband is so amazingly supportive of my passion for photography. And my kids also love being my muses from time to time. 


I am a Jesus loving person, who believes coffee in the morning and afternoon is just fine, and even better when shared with a friend. 


Time is just flying by, I really try not to waste time on too many superficial things, the exception being murder mystery shows and the occasional Harry Potter movie marathon with the fam. 


I love getting carried away and immersing myself in creating beautiful images. I also am a little whimsical, so that always finds a way into my art in some form. Being a singularly focused person tends to make me a bull in a china cabinet, but I’ve learned to embrace it as passion and tame it with patience. 


I bring a lot of patience to my life and my art, being a mother of five tends to lend itself to the practice of patience. I’m a dreamer, who likes punctuality, which is kind of a dichotomy, but being human often is. 


Our personalities are all so unique and I’ve learned that we are born with all that personality built in. And you’ll learn that with your children. They are who they are, and we can only embrace the beauty of their unique God given individuality. 

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