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In Home Newborn Photoshoot in Grand Junction Colorado

Hi there! I'm Andi and I provide comfortable and relaxing in home newborn photography experience in Grand Junction that will capture the essence of your newborn in lovely timeless portraits that will forever take you back to this significant and transitional time in your life.

These are a few behind the scene photos for you to get an idea of what an in home newborn photo session looks like. Many people don't realize that there are photographers that will travel to their homes to capture these sweet moments. I travel all over the Western Slope of Colorado to do just that. Making your life a little easier and less hectic is a huge win!

If you would like to learn more about the process check out this FAQ guide.

This newborn portrait of little Sarah was taken in the living room of her grandma's house. A lot of people wonder if they have to have a big living room for me to set up, not at all. I have worked in small spaces and big spaces. I accommodate any living situation. It's always a fun challenge to get constant, beautiful portraits in a variety of living rooms, or kitchens.

Little Sarah was so cute, a tiny peanut, born at 36 weeks. These photos were taken at 11 days old and she had some of the sweetest expressions.

If you are ready to learn more and start planning your newborn photoshoot click here. I can't wait to start working together to capture this amazing time!

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