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Grand Junction Newborn Photography

Little Nora came a little early. This little one decided she wanted to have a November birthday. And Nora's mama, Beth had a feeling she would be making her grand appearance a little early too.

I love being able to offer my new mom's and dad's in-home newborn sessions. While I work at creating beautiful images, mom and dad are usually relaxed, drinking coffee and chatting about their new bundle of joy.

Nora's session lasted a little over two hours. She was a dream and had the most intense looks when she decided to wake up. Newborn sessions generally go about two hours, but I don't limit the time or charge extra if we go over. I follow babies cues and sometimes they sleep the whole session, and sometimes it takes more time and effort to create dreamy newborn portraits. However they are, I patiently wait on them, and make sure to follow their lead.

For more information about my newborn sessions or to schedule your in-home newborn session email me anytime at I like to take the time to schedule a in-person or phone consultation, so that you are getting the service and portraits you dream of.

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